2015 Music Line-Up

We’ve got another great line up of music in store for this year. Check this page regularly as we will be adding bios and links for all of the bands playing this year.

May 9 | Santa Monica HSMolly Moore

Molly Moore is a genuine chameleon who writes songs from deep within. In her recently recorded songs available on Soundcloud like “Natural Disaster”, “Hallucinating”, and “Break”, the singer/songwriter moves seamlessly from lighter folk-influenced sounds through to darker and sometimes edgy pop that comes from a variety of influences. Her songs beckon and feed off of a large audience of diverse listeners.

May 16 | Santa Monica HSMilo Bloom

Combine the allure of modern electronic music with a soulful vocal lead and you might find yourself somewhere in between Milo Bloom’s spectrum. Producer King Cosa teams up with vocalist Milo Bloom to debut their introductory EP, Summer Nights. “…feels like one of those evening you work up a sweat and then find a merciful breeze somewhere. Cool down. (Buzzbands)

May 23 | The AutryDark Furs

Dark Furs is a female-fronted independent rock band. Founded in East Los Angeles, a chance connection in 2011 between UK-raised vocalist Suzanne May and LA native Chad Philipps sparked an immediate songwriting partnership. They mix intricate melody lines and commanding vocals with dark and dreamy instrumentals to create their own brand of “Mood Rock.” In 2013, the duo headed into the studio to record their self-titled EP with producer Dan Long (Henry Clay People, Local Natives) which BuzzBands.LA described as “a sophisticated reverie” and landed them on multiple Bands to Watch lists. They recently completed the recording of their follow-up EP at Jim Henson Studios with producer Nico Essig, slated for a Spring release. Dark Furs is ready to kick off 2014 with new music, videos, and an international tour.

May 30 | Santa Monica HSDutch Party

Originally from San Francisco, lead singer, guitarist and producer for Dutch Party, Ken Franklin,incorporates and balances styles that exist at different ends of the musical spectrum. Franklin has developed a unique sound suited for the analog-versus-digital generation, citing key influences from David Bowie, Beck, The Beatles and The Tallest Man On Earth, as well as M83 and Emil and Friends.In 2014, Franklin teamed up with LA studio owner, Matt Moore, to begin work on a debut LP. After an early demo was leaked to friends in NYC, Manhattan entrepreneur and nightlife icon Brendan Fallis wanted to partner-up with fellow talent house, Matte Babel, to form Dutch Party’s team. Recruiting former Hot Hot Heat guitarist, Luke Paquin, and Warped Tour veteran Xander Burmer, Dutch Party has taken shape to be one of the groundbreaking bands to watch out for in 2015.

June 6 | The AutryAlec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin, a 20-year-old singer, songwriter, once dreamed of rap superstardom, but upon entering high school, began broadening his music preferences to include iconic musicians like Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. “It quickly dawned on me that I was strumming along with the chords of songs that transformed generations. The words that I was singing united me with millions of people across the globe who share the same genuine love for this music as I do.” It was this realization that inspired him to take another stab at writing his own songs, only this time he aimed to pen soulful melodies instead of rhymes. Today, Alec is working hard on his debut album, which will be released this year through Columbia Records. “We all come from different walks of life,” he explains, “but music is a common denominator for all of us, something we all share.”

June 13 | The AutryState to State

State to State is an Eat See Hear alumni and we are excited to have them back in 2015! The band was formed in 2012 via the darkest corner of the Internet… Craigslist. They self-released their full length,”No Bounds,” in 2013 and are about release their second effort in the summer of 2015. Fresh off a Hotel Cafe residency, State to State is garnering substantial buzz throughout Southern California.

June 20 | Santa Monica HSOYLS

OYLS was conceived on an Amtrak train somewhere along the hour-and a half stretch between Davis and Berkeley California. David Kirshenbaum, the taller half of the OYLS duo, proudly recalls, “Michael had just suffered a break-up and so it was the perfect time to convince him to get back into music.” Some tears, several glasses of scotch, and one all-nighter later, “Dots and Dashes” was born and what started as a therapeutic jam session, soon revealed itself to be the creation of an entirely new sound. OYLS seamlessly blends the writing ethic of rock, soul and motown with a rhythmic backbone that draws from a 21st century electronic landscape. Drawing comparisons to James Blake, Alt-J, and Disclosure, OYLS finds itself at a new frontier of electronic music, and lends a melodic and lyrical vulnerability to a genre that is too often poetically terse…

June 27 | Santa Monica HSHaunted Summer w/ Brendan Eder Ensemble

The music of Haunted Summer definitely fulfills the definition of dream pop. The lyrical content relies heavily on longing for and reveling in young love. This is a young band with a high ceiling, I would not be surprised if these songs break out nationally. The title track ends with “No one will love you when you are loved” however this band has love to spare, and I except big things coming their way. -Scott Schultz (LA Record)

July 4 | Santa Monica HSSuspect

Suspect mixes a wide variety of influences into the project creating a heavy and driving sound that captures their love for old school funk/soul as well their appreciation for blues/rock. With influences that range anywhere from artists such as Parliament to Jeff Buckley, Suspect has created a persona that not only digs deep into the emotion of every story they tell but that also transcends the story into your body with a groove that will force you to get down.

July 11 | Pasadena City HallyOya

yOya is the project of longtime songwriting partners Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich. They grew up to the sound of rain in the fir trees of Corvallis, Oregon and “Graceland” on cassette. They’re a unique mix of folk-hearted songs, intricate vocal harmony, gritty synths and thundering electronic beats. In addition to Eat|See|Hear, yOya is performing at Brokechella and Make Music Pasadena this summer.

July 18 | The AutryYoung Creatures

Young Creatures is a psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles. The release of their debut album, Fear All The Things, garnered praise from LA Weekly and Classic Rock Magazine, while their February residency at Silverlake Lounge was publicized by FOX 11 News LA. The quartet’s simultaneously progressive and accessible sound continues to turn heads across the US and in Europe.

July 18 | The AutryPaul Bergmann

“With clean, true purpose and burnished artistic vision, Bergmann channels himself now into partnership with Fairfax Recordings. Abiding by Bob Dylan’s folk philosophy of placing the integrity of the song before all else, Bergmann has been spending more time on the writing process than ever before. In his current creative efforts, he’ll tell you that he strives for honesty but not overexposure, vulnerability but not weakness, straightforwardness but not simplicity. He takes inspiration from the natural side of Los Angeles: the beach, the woods, and the outdoors – as well as a near constant stream of Neil Young’s On the Beach. Produced by Kevin Augunas and Nick Waterhouse and featuring the legendary Jimmie Haskell on strings, the tracks are set to release in early 2015 with a full LP on the way.”-Ted Jamison

July 25 | Santa Monica HSThe Neighbors

The Neighbors, the music of Max Subar and Lucas Tamaren is a Folk Rock band, blending influences of folk, blues, r&b, jazz, and bluegrass into neighborly music.

August 1 | The AutrySun Rai

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Rai Thistlethwayte (Sun Rai) fell in love with music at an early age, influenced by his mother, a classical piano teacher, and his father who played in local rock bands. As a young adult, Rai came to the attention of Columbia Records in the US, and signed his first record deal. Before his first album was released, however, Columbia Records experienced a management shake-up, and Rai was released from his contract. He returned to Australia and started Thirsty Merc, a rock band that would go 3 times platinum in Austrailia.In 2012, Rai came to Los Angeles and started writing and performing under the moniker of ‘Sun Rai’. He’s released 3 EP’s, been featured frequently on KCRW, and landed some notable opening tour slots. Rai continues to pursue his jazz infused brand of pop here in LA.

August 8 | Pasadena City HallValley Queen

Six years ago, Valley Queen’s front woman Natalie Carol drove to Los Angeles on a whim, looking to expand her musical horizons. After a lonely and frustrating year, she was on the verge of returning home when she happened upon an acoustic jam session where she met guitarist David Donaldson. Carol was immediately reminded of the comfort and friendliness of her Arkansas roots. She could hear traces of her hometown influences in his riffs. The two began collaborating, exchanging ideas and drawing in other like-minded musicians. “It gave us all something to rest our heads upon, a musical family that became a home for us all,” says Carol. Today, Valley Queen is a hybrid of southern rock and Motown, with traces of 1970s canyon rock. “Carnival”, the A- side on their debut 7” produced by Lewis Pesacov, embodies these influences as Meadors sings about creating a supportive artistic community in Echo Park.

August 15 | The AutryJr.

Jr. makes off-kilter pop music. Chris does keys and synths and singing; Charlie does guitars and singing; Kevin hits drums and sings; Mike records the other boys. They are currently locked in a bedroom, recording and rehearsing and keeping an eye on the world outside.

August 22 | La Cienega ParkTopher Mohr

After a hiatus to record and tour the world with artists such as Mayer Hawthorne and Alice Smith, Topher Mohr returned as a solo artist in 2013 with the release of his second studio album, “Phlotilla”. The album went on to be added at over 140 college radio stations. At college radio, the album was in medium to heavy rotation at over 50 of those stations, holding the #1 spot at ten. Additionally, songs off the album began finding their way onto other non-commercial stations such as the storied KCRW in Los Angeles and was a featured “My Morning Download” at WXPN Philadelphia. He was also featured on Vice Magazine’s Noisey music blog.

August 29 | The AutryOpus Orange

Opus Orange consists of natural rhythms, hammered piano harmonics, acoustic guitar, pop melodies, and incessant group percussion. When packaged together, they capture a memorable Indie Pop sound.

September 5 | The AutryKin Cayo

KIN CAYO started as a project from South Florida native, Blake Hanley (vocals, guitar) in August of last year. Since then, the band has expanded to Enrique Lara (drums/congas), Mike Torres (bass, synth), and John Graney (guitar), and has released 3 singles with a sound that is firmly rooted in what has been called “tropical post-punk.”Kin Cayo’s latest single, “Shot The Sun Down,” was featured on NCIS New Orleans and has received praise from Stereo Embers Magazine calling them “one of the most exciting bands around–melodically adventurous and musically cunning.” Regarding their single, “Our Ship,” The Burning Ear called the track a “beautifully infectious debut jam.”

September 12 | Pasadena City HallJag Sun

JAG SUN is a Los Angeles indie / pop / rock band formed in the summer of 2014. Sustaining a friendship / admiration for each others projects, and following the demise of their previous projects, Jon, Robbie and Talip eventually came together to create their own sound. Their first single is titled Modern Dinosaur and they are currently finishing their first E.P.